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re.flow by Jason Marsh

re.flow is a visual and aural re-mixer built to show off the spatial audio possible with Dolby Digital Plus.

It uses multi-channel audio synchronized to 3D abstract forms moving through space around you. You can control each of 16 clips spread across 8 tracks to build your own unique mix, ranging from the ethereal to high energy dance. Each 3D object is tied to one track.

Two mechanisms are available to control the clips. Either click on the 'pads' in the sequencer view, or preferably while the sequencer view is dismissed, click directly on the 3D objects. You will see text appear on the object for a short time to identify it. Click multiple times on an object to cycle through the possible clips available for that track. Since each column of the sequencer represents 4 bars of music, you may have to wait a few seconds before the clip starts to play. Be patient until it starts.

You can save and share your sequence via the "up-cloud" button.

Be sure to dismiss the sequencer and spend most of your time in the visualizer!

This experience is best using Microsoft Edge on Windows 10. These browsers have the ability to decode Dolby Digital Plus, which is the only way to experience the spatial audio.

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